Stanley Yang

Undergraduate Student
University of Washington
guangyg (at) cs.washington.edu

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Flight App

This is an flight app based on a global airline management service.

I designed and tested a database of airline flights, their customers, and their reservations; I also prototyped the management service which is connected to a live database (in Microsoft Azure). The prototype uses a command-line interface. and allows for concurrent usage.

Primitive Tagging for Everyday Objects Research

CaCL (Change and Chance Language) Interpreter & Compiler

uMessage chat application

Campus Path Finder

Campus Path Finder for University of Washington, Seattle campus.

This is a course project for CSE331 in winter 2023. More information and specs about the project can be found here. HW5 to HW9 are for this project and it took 6 weeks of development.


“Buddies” App at DubHacks 2022 Hackathon

This is an app that connects students around you. University students could have a lot of things to do, such as looking for a study group, inviting others to a party, or looking for a person to walk home together when it’s 12am, and so on.

I led a team of four as the Project Manager and UI/UX Designer for the App using Flutter framework. We orchestrated team brainstorming sessions, managed project timelines, and designed the GUI using Figma. We showcased our project through a video demonstration and live presentation to a panel of judges

Seating Assignment Program

It can let the user create a seating layout and assign seats randomly for a class of students. More functionalities such as personalized grouping or splitting students are supported.

FIRST Robotics Competition 2021, Team 5165: Yangtze

I am a programmer for FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition Team 5165 Yangtze, serving during the 2021 season. My responsibilities included writing the code for chassis control and PID tuning.

Pioneer Academics Summer Research Program

I conducted an individual research project and earned college credit from Oberlin College. My research focused on the mathematics of ranking. Under the mentorship of Timothy Chartier, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Davidson College, my research titled “An Analysis of the Codeforces Rating System” explores the underlying algorithms and mathematical models used in the Codeforces rating system, utilizing a range of quantitative and qualitative data sources to provide an in-depth evaluation. I was rated as “top 5%, one of the best I have encountered” by my professor.



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